We Put the Cult in Culture

We envision a world where none of us have to choose between convenience, quality, and affordability.


We believe that health-promoting plant foods can be familiar, tasty, and easy to prepare.


We started Cult Legume to eliminate the obstacles to healthy eating that are so common these days: confusion about what constitutes healthy ingredients, lack of time to prepare quality meals, and the myth of high costs associated with plant ingredients.


But our Cult is more than just a food company, we're also out to revolutionize the way corporations do business. Inspired by those who have gone before us, bolstered by their success stories, and driven by our personal experience in the corporate world, we unwaveringly commit to servant leadership:


Cult Legume donates 100% of our profits to charity.

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The name “Cult Legume” is a tongue-in-cheek

reference to society's perception of plant-based eaters.


Regardless of where you stand on the dietary map, all are welcome in Cult Legume!


Jarrett Benavides



 We provide busy families and individuals with the healthiest, most convenient meals so there are no compromises.


Our foods are heat and eat ready, many with no added salt or sugar, and none containing oil, dairy, meat, or any animal products/by-products.


All our food is hand-crafted from recipes based on the latest emerging research related to healthful eating.


The plant-based food industry continues to rise, with consumers seeking more options for familiar, delicious options that leave meat off their plates. Plant-based replacements of traditionally animal-based products are hot items, showing up in grocery stores and restaurants around the country.

The next step in this evolution is whole food, plant-based. That is, foods that are minimally processed to preserve all benefits and reduce negative effects.


It’s simply the healthiest way of eating, proven by science and continued emerging research. We envision a world where everyone has access to these options - the healthiest, tastiest foods.


Michelle Crawford