Meet the Cult Leaders

Michelle here! When I met Jarrett in 2015, I had been struggling to adopt healthier eating habits. I wanted to eat a more plant-focused diet, but resources were slim and support was low. I was gaining weight, my cholesterol was rising, and I was not comfortable in my own skin. I knew I needed to make a change, but the challenges were daunting.

Lucky for me, Jarrett was ready and willing to go along for the ride! Together, we learned about the science behind this way of eating through online videos, books, and other resources. We had many kitchen adventures (and some disasters) as we tried new recipes. Along the way, we fell completely in love with the food and each other - we got married in 2016.

We love hosting friends and family for holiday meals and other gatherings, giving our loved ones a taste of plant-based deliciousness. We always get compliments on our food, with guests saying that they would love to eat like us, if only (enter obstacle here). They often experience the very same challenges that we did when starting out:

  • They are trying to make a change alone, without a lot of buy-in from their family (or their culture at large!)

  • They aren't sure where to start, they don't understand the ingredients, or they are worried about eating too many carbs or too little protein

  • They lack the time to learn the art and science of plant-based cooking, especially since it can involve unfamiliar ingredients like tofu and tahini

  • They need something quick and easy to fit into their busy schedules (or maybe they just hate cooking)

  • They worry that their kid, husband, wife, etc. won't buy-in, won't enjoy the food, or will otherwise revolt

  • They fear they won't be able to afford "expensive" plant ingredients

We completely understand how difficult this change can be - we have been there, too! So, to help our friends, family, and anyone interested in switching to a more plant-centered diet, we decided to overcome these obstacles, challenges, and myths for you!  We eliminate all these barriers and more, making healthful, plant-based foods familiar, convenient, quick, affordable, and tasty for everyone.


Cult Legume is our gift to this community.


We hope you love it!